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Student Association

Representing the interests of TAFE New England students

Student Association

The TAFE New England Student Association is organised and operated by students and represents the students of the Institute, making management aware of any issues or concerns that students may have.

The association co-ordinates social functions, sporting activities, barbecues and support services at the Campus.

Membership of the Association allows students great discounts at supporting local and Sydney businesses. A complimentary package containing a student diary, shopping guide and samples of useful items makes membership a financially attractive proposition.

Join your Student Association on enrolment day and have your membership embossed on your TAFEcard.

The aims of the Student Association are to:
  • Improve services and facilities on campus and organise activities appropriate to the identified needs of the student population
  • Organise activities in conjunction with theme days, such as Youth Week
  • Funds raised from membership are used to upgrade campus facilities, such as outdoor furniture and provide the library with CD's and fiction books.


View the current Student Guide

View the Institute's Student Policies and Guidelines

View the Discount Shopping Guide 

Visit the state-wide Student Association website 

Student Accommodation

TAFE New England Tamworth campus has a student accommodation service that is provided to all students studying at TAFE. Students can obtain names and addresses of various accommodation options so that they can choose accommodation that suits their requirements.

Contact the Student Association

If you want to join the Student Association or have any questions about it, staff at the Information Desks at each campus can help you or you can contact:

Bev O'Neile (Tamworth Campus)
Email: Beverley.O'Neile@tafensw.edu.au
Phone: 02 676 82323

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